After a couple tDCS sessions, I have made a some changes to my setup in order to improve its efficacy. First, I found that the tiny sponge electrodes I was previously using gave me burns on my skin on occasion, likely due to the exposed metal. I printed out some much larger electrodes with a copper pad directly behind a thick sponge in a 3d printed enclosure. These new electrodes require much more electrolyte solution so I now keep a jar of relatively dilute saltwater in my workshop. Name I have also started with a placement to stimulate my left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex as advised by the r/tdcs subreddit. This involves placing the anode over the F3 location and the cathode over my right eyebrow. I have noticed some significant changes in my mood since starting. In general, I’ve had a more stable state of mind, but I have not noticed any general trends in increasing happiness. Another phenomenon I’ve observed in my experiments is that when removing or placing the electrodes or switching them on or off while still on my head, I see a very faint white flash in my vision. My hypothesis for why this is occurs is that the sudden change in potential across my brain results in the stimulation of my occipital lobe, which is responsible for vision. Weirdly enough, the occipital lobe is not located in the path which a current would be expected to take between the two electrodes. It is also possible that the change in current excites my optic nerve, although I think this is less likely since the white flash does not stay during a session. Although this is a testable question, for the time being I want to stick to setups which are already tested for my own safety. Occipital Lobe I plan to continue my 1.5mA 20 minute sessions daily and will continue to post updates here. I believe this technology has some serious potential benefits for me, especially since my brain is still malleable during my adolescence. However, I am taking some significant risks with this technology since I could be stuck with any negative affects for the remainder of my life. In light of this, I am only performing placements and setups which have been tested heavily.