I’ve been a drummer since third grade. With the growing workload of high school, I found it difficult to find time to practice when my family and neighbors weren’t sleeping. To help with this, I purchased an electronic drum set a couple months ago. The only problem with this set is that the music stand I used doesn’t fit behind this set. I decided instead to build a stand that mounts directly to the set to save space as well. For the project, I wanted a minimalist looking music material that would blend in with the rest of my room. I decided to use an the steel wire frame from an old lawn sign. Since the medium would result in significant errors to any measurements I made, I only made a very rough plan to work from. Name I used a MAPP gas torch to heat up the steel at specific placed and then bent it to a given angle at that place. This worked much better than I had anticipated; the steel bent very easily. I ended up using pieces from a different lawn sign as well because I ran out of length in the first one.
Name To attach the two I used brazing rod. This was my first experience with brazing. The first thing I noticed was that it didn’t flow nearly as well as solder and it required some heat directly from the torch in order to melt onto the part. After some practice and then significant cleaning with a wire wheel afterwards, I came out with a part I’m proud of. Name I then mounted this onto a plastic logo, which normally serves no purpose on my drumset, using m3 hardware and two small strips of aluminum. Name The end result works well. Going into the project, I was worried that the mass of the books may overcome the friction between the stand and the set, but it has yet to top over even with all my books on it. Name